Over speed at road construction – Dangerous and costly


So many people are driving too fast at road construction sites. The police have increased traffic speed control on roads.

In recent weeks, road workers have expressed their fears for their lives because many drivers do not show consideration, drive too fast, or are inattentive.

It is dangerous for both those who work on the roads and for the drivers themselves.

At a road construction site, the roadway is often narrower than usual, the course of the road may change, and heavy machinery may be close by. This increases the risk of accidents, especially if one is inattentive or speeding.

Double the Penalty

If you are speeding at a road construction site, the speeding fine is doubled.

If you are driving more than 40% over the speed limit, your driver’s license will be conditionally suspended. This means that you must pass a theory and practical test within six months if you want to keep your driver’s license.

Here’s how to safely pass a road construction site

-Focus on your driving

-Pay attention to changes on the road

-Respect the speed limit

-Keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead

-Stay in your lane until the merging point

– Be aware of emergency vehicles


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