Drivers License in Frederiksberg and Copenhagen

A Driving School with a focus on safety and quality , offering affordable prices.

  • Are you looking for a safe and secure way to start your journey into the world of cars? Look no further than Unique Drive Driving School in Frederiksberg close to the central Copenhagen.
  • Our expert instructors provide quick and easy driving lessons that enable you to pass your driving license test very quickly. At Unique Drive Driving School, we pride ourselves on delivering quality and Unique services for all types of driving courses.
  • Our instructors are experienced, skilled, and dedicated to providing you with an enjoyable and safe learning experience. We offer a range of driving license courses in Frederiksberg and Copenhagen to help you obtain your driver's license at affordable prices.
  • At Unique Drive Traffic School, we believe that everyone should be able to afford a driver's license. That's why we don't charge extra fees or surprise costs. You can even pay for the costs in installments. Plus, If you bring a friend, you can both save an additional DKK 500 on your driving license

Choose Unique Drive Driving School for the best and most affordable driver's license at affordable prices in Frederiksberg near Østerport, Nørrebro and Vanløse.

What To Choose ?

Driving license with manual gears OR Automatic transmission Driving course

The majority of students who take intensive driving licence courses choose to learn how to drive a manual transmission car. After obtaining the driving license in a manual car will enable you to drive both manual and automatic cars. However, if you pass driving test in a automatic car, then you are only eligible to drive the automatic cars. Unique Drive Trafikskole offers Driving License Courses both for manual and automatic transmission. We offer intensive Driving License Courses from 4 weeks Crash course driving lessons to semi-intensive driving lessons. The most Ideal Driving License Courses for new learners to experienced students that need to pass their driving test quickly, Intensive Courses are your best choice. Unique Drive Trafikskole have well experienced intensive driving instructors on hand to help you to pass your driving test in first attempt, whether you are young, or learning to drive when older. We will arrange everything for you from day first to start your application process , booking your theory test in a good time, driving lessons and practical driving test booking test date. We have been running driving school and intensive courses for over 10+ years plus, we have been teaching students for years, thus in hundreds of students coming to us and passing their driving tests every year.

Intensive Driving Courses in English in Copenhagen

  • Express Driving License – for those who are in a hurry!
  • Fast Driver’s License – quick, easy and cheap driver’s license
  • Unique Drive Traffic School also offers cheap fee-fair prices on express driving licences. Our crash course and driver’s license training is a maximum of 5 weeks and is one of the fastest and easiest ways to acquire your driver’s license.

An intensive driving course is a advance package and designed to provide a comprehensive crash course in driving, covering all 53 mandatory lessons within a period of 4-5 weeks. These driving courses include 4 driving lessons on closed track, 16 Driving lessons on the road, and 29 theory lessons. Additionally, the course also includes 4 driving lessons on slippery track to ensure that drivers are well-equipped to handle challenging road conditions. Our program is structured to provide a thorough and efficient learning experience, enabling our students to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to become safe and confident drivers.

Semi-Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive driving course is not suitbale for everyone, many of our students prefer to do our Semi-Intensive Driving Courses or you may also call them “intensive courses light“. Unique Drive Trafikskole has designed semi intensive driving course around you, and these courses can be done 2 days a week.
You have to take theory lessons and then driving lessons on the road. The minimum lessons of theory we do on any one day is 3 to 4 lessons of 45 minutes. Then you drive the practical lessons on the road before the next theory lessons. This course is designed for students who wish to pass the tests quickly but at a comfortable pace.
When you signup a semi intensive driving course we aim to finish your course with in 7-8 weeks. If you need more time to learn to drive you can always practice online. When you are doing semi-intensive driving courses, you will have the same instructor throughout your course, you will be guided through all aspects of what is needed to make you a good driver, once you have learned theory properly then both theory and driving tests will become much easier to pass. All the courses we run are based on quality ,and Guaranteed To Pass, if you follow your experienced instructors instructions while learning. It may come waiting time for the theory test and it is around 3 weeks and some practical test centres have a waiting time of 2-3 weeks plus once the theory test is passed. We can always look for earlier test dates or cancellation dates for you if you prefer and you are flexible.
You should pass a theory test before we can book a practical driving test for you. You will have the same driving instructor for the duration of your course and you will learn in a good atmosphere. If you are in doubt which course is best for you then please call us and we will guide you through all the options with you. Unique Drive Trafikskole staff are fully qualified driving instructors and will be glad to give you the very best advice.

Highest Passing Rate

Unique Drive Trafikskole is an award winning national driving school of the year in Copenhagen.

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Best central location near Metro st and Busstops

We offer intensive, semi intensive courses and first class service to all our students in English, whether you are in central Copenhagen or outside the city area. Its very easy transport access to English driving school in Copenhagen. Unique Drive ‘Trafikskole’ is situated only few minutes walk from Nuuks Metro st. and bus stops.


Our cars are equipped with the latest technology and we continuously ensure that their service is in order. We care about you driving comfortably and safely. We do not compromise on quality.


At Unique Drive Driving School we have particular attention on safety and quality in all our teaching courses. As one of the best driving schools, we provide students solid driving skills and knowledge of traffic rules. Our aim is to give you the most optimal experience so you can become a skilled and a safer driver.

Exchange of Driving licence in Denmark

The process of exchanging a foreign driving licence for a Danish driving license can be complex, but we at Unique Drive Traffic School are committed to simplify the process for our students. Unique Drive Traffic School services are not only efficient but also affordable, we ensure that you receive the best possible prices for license exchange in Copenhagen. Our experienced and skilled instructors have a proven track record of assisting numerous international students with their license exchange in Denmark. Unique Drive Traffic School team of well trained instructors are equipped to guide and instruct you through the entire process, ensuring that you pass both the theory and practical tests on your first attempt. We have an exceptionally high passing rate, which gives our sudents the confidence they need to pursue their driving ambitions and skills in Denmark. Besides that, we are transparent in our dealings and do not levy any extra and hidden charges, thereby offering the following significant cost savings to our students,

  • No Administration charges
  • No evening classes surcharge
  • No weekend surcharge
  • Free Online login access for home practice
  • Free Theory Test booking
  • Free Practical Test Booking
  • Free Interpreter access

Crash or Express English Driving Course to Exchange the Foreign Drivers licence in Denmark

If you are looking for a quick and efficient solution to exchange your driving license, Unique Drive Traffic School offer crash or express courses that cater to your specific needs. Our courses are Unique and designed to provide you with the best necessary knowledge and skills to pass your driving test in a timely manner. We feel pleasure and proud in our ability to offer our students with exceptional service, and this extends to our crash or express courses as well.. Whether you require a driving license for work or personal reasons, we are the right choice for you. We look forward to welcoming you to our course and helping you become a safer and more responsible driver.