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Intensive Driving Courses in Copenhagen

Best English driving School in Copenhagen near Metro st. Best service is our proud and our goal. Your service is our asset. Drive safe and responsible.

Unique Drive driving school covers the entire central and other surroundings areas. We have a range of intensive and semi-intensive courses available for all types of learners. So, if you’re looking for a driving crash course in Copenhagen, look no further than Unique Drive!

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Why Choose Unique Drive?

There are two things to keep in mind while taking a driving license. 

1- One is to pass the driving test and drive there after according to rules and regulations.
2- The next thing is to drive and take care of your vehicle after passing the driving test.

If you don’t learn the right technique to tackle the vehicle properly then it costs you a lot.  It wastes time and makes driving uncomfortable on the road.

Unique Drive traffic schools  pay more attention to teachings and instructions based on techniques.  Unique drive instructions benefit you throughout your life so y.ou can drive eco and save money to avoid unnecessary workshop visits 

Unique drive traffic schools focus on theory elements and teachings are based on every learner’s capability of learning. Once you have learned theory properly then it’s quickest and easiest to apply on the road. In this way you can save both time and extra lessons because of your good knowledge in rules and regulations. We provide the following services free of cost 

1- No administration charges ( save 300 to 400 kr)
2- Free login access ( for first time) save 500 kr
3- Booking the theory test is free for the first time.( you only need to pay to state.( save 300-400 kr)
4-Booking the practical test is free for the first time. (save 300-400)
5- No extra charges for afternoon and weekend classes ( save 100-200 per lesson
6- Save in Basic package price ( minimum 3000,00 to 5000,00 kr
7- Direct access to translator and save 300 kr

You can save a minimum 5000,- to 6500,- kr by joining Unique Drive traffic school.
We have a free introduction class every Sunday at 13.00 and you can take a free theory class the same day.

There is no binding and you are free to make a decision after taking the free class.All packages are valid for one year.

Sustainable Easy Access Transport

The practical test centre is conveniently located for learners in the local area, meaning that you won’t have to travel far to pass here. Meanwhile, we’re close to Valby, Svannemøllen , Herlev and Ballerup test centres, too.

Theory Classes in Frederiksberg

Copenhagen’s learners are doubly fortunate—not only is there a theory centre here, but our School is located close to Metro st and Buses routes 2A etc.

Our Crash Courses

The beauty of our crash courses is that they can be completed within weeks, giving you the chance to build up your skills quickly and efficiently. With Unique Drive! well-experienced instructors, you’ll take your driving lessons in Copenhagen and the area surrounding your test centre, to help you become familiar with the local roads. By the end of your intensive or semi-intensive course, you’ll be able to tackle even the most difficult road types. Every test is designed to be challenging to the learner: but challenging does not mean impossible ( Take on board your instructor’s advice (along with a few handy tips and tricks from the Unique Drive blog) and you’ll soon be the proud owner of a full driving licence.

Fair and low prices, fun and effective lessons in theory and driving.

Course Booking

No matter whether you’re a rookie driver who’s never been behind the wheel before, or you’ve got a bit more experience but need a quick refresher course,Unique Drive has something to suit every learner’s needs. Our driving school only works with well-experienced instructors, and every course we offer comes with a fast-track practical test.

Not sure which course to take? We pride ourselves on offering fast and flexible lessons, helping our learners to get their licence quickly without compromising on teaching quality. We understand that all of our learners are individuals—so we won’t force you to take a 5 day holiday from work to take a course. Instead, you control the pace of your lessons, choosing an intensive or semi-intensive structure. Intensive courses—your way.

Official Document

To obtain a drivers licence in Denmark you must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum 17 years old (You may start 3 months before)
  • Have a residence Permit and a civil registration number (CPR)
  • Have a permanent address in Denmark

Furthermore you must pass two tests:

  • A written multiple choice theory test
  • A practical driving test. The tests are in Danish, with an approved interpreters present. Minimum required education according to the law applicants must complete the following education with a Danish driving school. Be aware that additional lessons might be required to individual skills.

Check our prices and find out a perfect fit!

  • We offer payment in installments
  • Visit us for customized needs every Sunday at 13:00
  • We also offer free Introduction Every Sunday at 13:00 without signup

No perfect package for your driving needs, no worry we are a call away for customise driving classes.
Contact Us: ☎️ 40 87 57 40


Additional Charges not included in Packages

  • Medical Certificate 350-700
  • Traffic Related First Aid Course 800,-
  • 'Theory Test' fees to state 1170,-
  • 'Extra Driving lessons 450-,
  • Driving test 1400,-
  • Translator Regarding Practical test 500-
Collaboration Guidelines: 1-Cancellation for the maneuvering track MUST be notified to the driving school NO LATER than 4 business days prior. If you cancel too late or fail to appear, regardless of the reason, if you arrive late to the track or forget your application or lesson plan, a new track must be booked. Price according to the website.. ✓ 2-Cancellation for the theory test MUST be notified to the driving school NO LATER than 7 business days prior. For late cancellations, a new fee of a total of 1170 DKK must be paid for a new theory test.The learner driver must arrive well in advance for the theory test. If uncertain about the date, location, or time, you should contact the driving school well in advance. Alternatively, you can log in to køreprøvebooking.dk with your Mit.ID to access details about the theory test.In case of failure to attend a scheduled test time, the learner driver is responsible for covering the fee to the state. ✓ 3-Cancellation for the slippery course MUST be notified to the driving school NO LATER than 7 business days prior. For late cancellations or failure to appear, regardless of the reason, a new slippery course a cost according to the website. ✓ 4-The driving test must be canceled 7 business days prior with the driving instructor. ✓5- Cancellation for the first aid course MUST be notified to the driving school NO LATER than 3 business days prior. For late cancellations or failure to appear, regardless of the reason, a fee of 800 DKK must be paid for a new first aid course. ✓ 6- if you are residing abroad, you CANNOT obtain a Danish driver's license. This also applies if you move ABROAD while obtaining your driver's license. ✓ 7- If you lose your lesson plan, it must be reconstructed. This costs 500 DKK. ✓ 8-All prices are subject to change Cancellation for the maneuvering track, slippery or first aid course due to illness must be documented with a medical certificate – otherwise, payment must be made again. Cancellations for driving lessons must be notified.✓9- All packages are valid for one year and in case you change the driving school,the right to refund for the remaining legal package is torfeited. ✓10 - If you choose to discontinue your driving course after being interrupted, the driving school will deduct a 1000 kr administration fee in addition to any attended lessons and provided services.

Free Introduction Every Sunday at 13:00 without signup