Alcohol checks during the Summer


The police have extra focus on alcohol checks during the summer, when there are many parties.

Summer is filled with social events and parties where alcohol is consumed, and blood alcohol levels can be high.

Unfortunately, some still choose to drive. In June, July, and August last year, the police charged 1,405 individuals with drunk driving, and the summer is the peak season for alcohol-related accidents on the roads.

Be careful the day after

Sometimes, the blood alcohol levels can be so high that the day after a festive evening, you may still have too much alcohol in your system to legally drive.

Every 12th driver has, at least once in the past year, driven the day after a night of drinking, even though they were unsure if their blood alcohol level was too high.

It is particularly concerning among drivers aged 18 to 24. One of our surveys shows that nearly one in three of them has done it.

It can go wrong, and you can lose your driver’s license if you drive to the bakery, pick up takeaway, or drive the children to soccer the day after a night of heavy drinking when the blood alcohol level is still too high.

Tips for the day after a night of drinking

Wait until the afternoon before driving after a night of drinking.

Leave the car behind if you’re very tired or have any doubts about driving safely.


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